June 2017 Day 1

Re-activating #30DaysWild blog which I started June 2016. I added a few posts in July but then let the blog lapse though I continued to follow the Facebook Group. I’d been looking forward to this year’s #30DaysWild but I didn’t prepare for it very well! Hence working on Day 1 blog on the 5th.

You’d have thought I’d be used to Twibbon by now, the number of times I’ve changed my Social Media profile for various Fairtrade and environmental occasions. After some struggling I initially re-used last year’s #30DaysWild on my “face” made of Fairtrade fruit but eventually managed to re-position the Twibbon on a green heart used in February 2016 to #ShowTheLove for the planet. That worked for Facebook but I couldn’t get Twibbon to work for Twitter. I had to save the FB picture and upload it as my new profile picture.

So my main “wild” at the start of June 2017 was to grapple with Twibbon and profile pictures. I did, however, open my Day 1 with some “wild” prayer. Some years ago I discovered a lovely poem by Ann Lewin. I’ve returned to it often and had it ready for my morning prayer on 1st June. I wouldn’t like to infringe copyright so I’ve just copied the book cover and found a blog with the poem and related picture. And here’s one of her books on Amazon. As the blurb says: Ann draws many insights into the nature of prayer from her love of birdwatching, and images from the natural world and from scripture permeate her writing. The poem Disclosure likens prayer to watching for the Kingfisher.
Candles & Kingfishers cover


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